Comic Creators Raise Funds for Cancer Research

The 8 Percent project raised $2,815 for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

8 Percent #1 could not have been possible with out the talents of Tom DeFalco (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four),Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade), Vito Delsante (Superman, Batman Adventures) , Allen  Cordrey (Vanbreed Studios Presents, The Weeroes), Rick Leonardi (Uncanny X-Men), Andy Lanning (Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy), Darryl Banks (Green Lantern), Cory Hamscher (X-Men Forever, Avengers Academy),Todd Beistel (Horror Show), David Bednarski (Prisoner of None), Matthew Waite (Deadpool, Quantum & Woody), Richard Clark (Incredible Hulk), Chris Ehnot (Fallen), Ross Hughes (Youngblood) and  J M DeMatteis (Justice League and way too many to list here).

Everyone who has contributed their talents to this book has lost someone dear to cancer.

 You can read the entire first story from 8 Percent #1 for free! The story, "Friends & Enemies" is written by Allen Cordrey with art by Cory Hamsher.

The story is on-line HERE.

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Big Zeke is back in Vanbreed Studios Presents #1

Straight from the pages of 8 Percent #1 comes Big Zeke! The year is 1976 and a young Ezekiel Williams learns what it takes to be a hero in two great stories.

"The Beginning", written by Allen Cordrey, art by Cory Hamscher and color by Ross Hughes, tells the story of how Big Zeke got into the hero game.

"Red Menace", written by Ron Marz, pencils by Darryl Banks, inks by Terry Austin, letters by Troy Peteri and color by Ross Hughes, pits Big Zeke against the power of Tunguska!

Publisher, Allen Cordrey, had this to say about working with one of the most popular Green Lantern creative teams "It was great watching Ron, Darryl and Terry work together. Since they worked off and on together for a period of eight years at DC Comics, they really knew each others style and created a really fun 70's style story."

There is also a Sword of Freyja sneak peek by Cory Hamscher, Ross Hughes, Joe Eisma, Darryl Banks and Ramona Fradon in the book as well.

The book features covers by Darryl Banks and Matthew Waite, Pick up yours today!

Vanbreed Studios to Launch Book for Young Readers

Vanbreed Studios is putting together a special title for younger readers called "The Weeroes".

The Weeroes are tiny heroes that protect Weecago from the slightly evil plans of Big Bullie.

The team is led by Callie who is a super genius. Callie is joined by Puppy Lad, who can change into any type of dog, except for the scary ones, Woobie who has an enchanted blanket and Princess Cloudburst, who flies around on a sparkly cloud and controls the weather.

When you have a team of heroes this special, you better have a super team of creators working on the book. Vanbreed Studio is proud to announce that the first issue of The Weeroes will feature the talents of Ron Marz, Rachel Deering, Darryl Banks, Matthew Waite and Craig Rousseau.


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