• Harken's Raiders
    Tales of the Special Operations Executive in WWII. By Allen Cordrey, Ron Marz, Darryl Banks, Dee Cunniffe and Rachel Deering
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    Harken's Raiders
  • Big Zeke
    70's super hero fun by Ron Marz, Darryl Banks, Terry Austin, Ross Hughes and Troy Peteri
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    Big Zeke
  • Dreams of Flying
    The life story of a WWII bomber crew member and father. By Ron Marz, Rick Leonardi, Andy Lanning, Ross Hughes and Troy Peteri
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    Dreams of Flying
  • Creature Within
    Horror with a twist. What do you do when the monster is inside you? By J. M. DeMatteis, Richard P Clark and Allen Cordrey
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    Creature Within
  • The Weeroes
    All age fun with wee heroes. By Allen Cordrey, Matthew Waite, Ross Hughes and Rachel Deering.
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    The Weeroes

The Buzz

Vanbreed Studios to launch new web series in February 2017

Vanbreed Studios is proud to announce a new title for 2017; Harken's Raiders. Set in the 1940's, Harken's Raiders follows a small team of soldiers as they put their lives on the line completing missions for the SOE (Special Operations Executive). Since these are some of the most dangerous Allied missions in World War II, not everyone will make it home safely.

Harken's Raiders features plots by Allen Cordrey, scripts by Ron Marz, art by Darryl Banks, colors by Dee Cunniffe and letters by Rachel Deering.

Read the first 6 pages here!

You can read the ComicBook.com article about us HERE

Good Karma

Vanbreed teams with legendary creators for #ArtForACLU auctions

We are very excited to team with some great creators to raise money for the NY ACLU. The auctions will be posted on eBay starting February 15th.

Some of the auctions include; art by Tim Seely, Richard Clark, Darryl Banks, Matthew Waite, Keith Haugen, Kirk Manley, Jason Sholte and Paul Azaceta and signed books by Ron Marz, Steve Orlando, J. M. DeMatteis and Tom Delfalco.

All money raised will be donated to the ACLU. You can check back here and we will have links to each auction.